Three Reasons why Project-based Learning is the Future

project based learning

Life is lived through experiences. While textbooks give you the foundations, real-world experiences give you wings to fly and discover who you truly are what you want to be. In this journey of self-discovery, the ‘doing over knowing’ principle is the key.

So how does one apply this principle in teenage years? The answer is simple: Project-based learning. 

Decoding Project-based Learning

As the name suggests, project-based learning is an efficient approach for gaining knowledge and skills through engaging projects. The conventional learning paradigm has a one-way flow of pre-prepared information. Project-based learning, however, lets you investigate and find solutions to complex problems and real-world challenges.

Simply put, it takes you from ‘learn the answer’ to ‘let’s explore together!’

The process lets you discover interests and passions via a whole new world of innovation and creativity. Here are five reasons why you should take up skill-based projects:

It Builds Higher Order Thinking Skills

Lower Order Thinking Skills or LOTs include remembering, recalling, understanding and applying. Whereas skills such as analysing, evaluating, synthesising and creating are considered HOTs or Higher Order Thinking Skills.

When broken down, HOT skills include everything from creativity, original thinking, sense of inquiry, problem solving, articulate communication, teamwork and many others.

To thrive in an uncertain future, you’ll need to build HOT skills. The importance of these skills goes beyond academics, as they enable you to find your expression in the world and succeed in whatever challenge you pick in life, at any age.

It Encourages Self-Determined and Self-Directed Learning

Through projects, you explore real-world challenges that require critical thinking. Something as simple as designing a marketing campaign for a sneaker launch can build a life long love of communication and creative writing!

It not only helps in building a deeper understanding of a concept but also encourages self-directed and self-determined learning, where you understand your innate strengths and interests.

It Challenges your Limits

Real world experiences teach you skills like resilience, divergent thinking, and perseverance. Your unique opinions, approaches, and ideas are valued. When you work on projects, there are no boundaries to creativity. It allows you to push your limits and come up with 50 different solutions to a single problem, leading to innovation! 

Real World Learning through Real World Projects

Project-based learning is a great way to become an industry-fit professional and a resilient individual! A cycle of reflection and creations enables you to identify your strengths and improve your skills. Just as one cannot learn cycling until they sit on a cycle, merely knowing a domain doesn’t add any value until you start exploring it.

On the Uable app, you can first explore then dive deep into fields that interest you and start creating micro projects. The challenges groom you not just for a job or career, but for the real world!