Ikigai: The Secret of Living a Purposeful Life as a Teenager

Ikigai for teenagers

We all are yearning for a purpose in life. And for you, as a teenager, there are thousands of unsolved questions that need answers.

But you’re not alone in this. 

We all have felt lost, afraid, doubtful, and sometimes with no purpose and passion. But when you’re in your teens, your most significant currency is your time.

If “I don’t know” is the phrase that overwhelms your mind often, then a simple method can help you find your passion. 

It’s called Ikigai.

What Is Ikigai?

In simple terms, it’s “the reason to live” or “meaning to life.” It is constructed with two words, Iki (to live) and Gai (the reason). On a deeper note, it’s a self-reflection process. You can understand yourself, your values, and what serves you in the real world.

Ikigai for teenagers is a way to find their “why” of doing things, whether it’s their passion, career discovery, or future of work.

The best way to know yourself as a teenager is to ask good questions. Many studies have found that following the path of Ikigai has health benefits too!

How Do You Find Your Ikigai?

Teenage life can be full of emotions, excitement, impulsive decisions, and a lot of confusion. Ikigai for teenagers teaches you how to live your life even when your sail is against the wind.

 Start your journey with these 5 questions:

  • What does your best day look like? (Your perfect day, which seems complete to you.)
  • What’s keeping you stagnant? (Is it your insecurities, fear, or doubts?)
  •  What comes easy for you? (When you feel the time has passed so quickly you didn’t even realize it.) 
  •  Who are you when you’re alone? (This will help you tap into your true inner self, which is essential as a teenager.)
  • How can you help someone today? (Maybe someone needs your help today.)

NPR research found that a teen’s self-esteem rises after volunteering or helping strangers. 

These questions can seem philosophical to answer. But Ikigai for teenagers addresses inner crises and gently nudges them towards their goals.

The answers to all the above questions will lay a rock-solid foundation to find your passion or career.

Stay Resilient On The Path to Self Discovery

Ikigai can help shape your life towards a meaningful and fulfilling career path. Here’s how you can get started. 

Seek Answers

Write down these questions on a piece of paper and try to answer each one of them.

  1. What do you love to do?
  2. What is it that you are good at?
  3. What does the world need?
  4. What can you be rewarded for?

It’s good if you have all the answers, but it’s okay even if you don’t.

For example, if you’re an artist who loves to tell stories, you have many career options to choose from. Maybe you can pursue as an illustrator, a writer, a painter, or a filmmaker. 

There’s no right or wrong way of finding purpose. There’s only your way.

So, don’t be too quick to judge yourself. You can always add, remove, and modify your Ikigai along the way.

It’s not a Race against Time

Ikigai is not about getting things right or becoming a millionaire. Instead, it’s about your personal growth, finding the right place for you.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Be curious; this will take you a long way. With some trial and error, you will uncover your purpose and passion.

Let your Ikigai be the north star for you. And never forget, it’s a process, and it takes time.

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