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Quest global schools event

From meeting inspirational experts to receiving stunning user creations on our app, hereʼs how Quest, global schools event, unfolded on May 8, 2021.

The Global Imprint

At Uable, we are working tirelessly to bring the mission of real-world learning to life and help every learner discover their passion and career calling.

Quest – one of its kind event for high school students – was the perfect platform to amplify our mission.

It was an inspirational moment to see students from across the world come together. We received participation from over 130 top schools globally – from Brazil to France, the UAE to the USA, Ghana to India and many more spread across 35 countries.

Solving real world problems with experts

We connected them with brands and industry experts from around the world to encourage them to apply skills, and explore domains by solving exciting real-world challenges.

Creating a guiding path for future generations to follow, one real-world challenge at a time!

At the live event, we had three experts who shared their valuable experience & career journey and gave a sneak peek into what the future holds for tech, health, environment, space, and more.

Jonathan Powers, vehicle design engineer at Tesla on the future of electric vehicles

Health Coach Gretchen Battle on the importance of health

Cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy gave major space and life lessons!

Creativity at its best!

The challenges launched by the experts on the Uable app brought out some really innovative and out of the box ideas.

The Winners!

Gretchen Battleʼs Next Gen Smart Watch for the Elderly Challenge

Jonathan Powers’ Power the World’s Largest Ships Challenge

Sergey Ryazanskiy’s Mission Mars: Breathe Easy Challenge

What our experts said…

Our users loved the Quest global schools event too!

The Quest event may be over, but your quest to discovering future career pathways continues. Keep exploring the Uable app.