Uable, with 10X more Power!

Last few weeks, we have been deeply reflecting on our journey. We have looked at what we have created for hundreds of thousands of teenagers, and we are proud of all that we have done, together! 

But we want to do better for our talented teens who have come here for a stellar community experience.  There is one deep realisation that has been striking us over and over: free communities tend to become too large and noisy as there is no barrier of entry, offering less incremental value to the high intent users. Think of it as an amphitheater where there are free performances and a lot of our collective effort is going into crowd management, rather than bringing the very best performances on stage, truly experiencing them and building on those.

We are taking the Uable experience 10X from here, and launching something that will change the game for our Power Users!

Who is Uable’s Power User? You! Aspiring, ambitious teenager who wants to go beyond the traditional boundaries of education, to pursue passions seriously, by connecting with like-minded driven teens and collaborating with the best minds in  fields of interest, engage in exciting projects, play with ideas and build a portfolio of  dreams!

For you, Uable is launching the next big thing: “Power Club”! We are so excited about what we have in store for you. 

True to its name, Uable’s new premium app, Power Club will bring the most powerful, passionate, and ambitious teenagers from across the world and connect them not only with each other but with top young achievers of every field and create magical collaboration opportunities that have never existed. 

Power Club is for those crazy young minds who want to go deep in Entrepreneurship, Design, Creator Economy, Web 3.0, Climate Change, YouTubing, Activism and more. It is for those who want to go to  Ivy League and other best global campuses or for those who want to simply build an amazing network, work on extraordinary projects and problems and build a game-changing portfolio of work!

Power Club will be a members-only global community of teenagers where getting in will not be easy, but once you get in, life will never be the same again! It will be everything that you have loved Uable for, only 10X the experience, powered by global cross-pollination!

It has taken us 13 months of deep work with so many of you to understand the real needs of exceptional teens and what we should offer you. Now, it’s time for magic!

Applications open in the last week of July! Stay tuned….

Why Teenagers Are Leaving Traditional Social Media?

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The Future of Social Media is Moving Toward Private Communities Where People Can Share More With a Closer Circle

For years social media apps have spread FOMO and insecurity by showing people how good others’ lives are. This has led to mental health issues, negative body image and low self-esteem in teenagers. Not just this, privacy is a major concern for teens and GenZ on these platforms as they expose their data for advertisements and also expose them to negative social elements. Teens are realising a lot of these negatives and are finding ways to engage in private, safe, and focused communities instead.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have been criticised for their lack of privacy and security. Privacy-focused apps like Snapchat can be accessed by anyone over the age of 13 (also the minimum age to have a Facebook or Instagram account). This article by the New York Times details how Instagram is losing its pipeline of teenagers. Private communities offer an alternative solution for teens who want to communicate with one another without being watched by adults or corporations.

Private communities are groups of people who share similar interests and come together to discuss them in a safe space. They provide an outlet for teens to explore their identities and values without fear of judgement or criticism from their peers. These communities can be built around passions, aspirations and ambition. Communities are the future of social engagement and value creation. 

Teens often struggle with understanding their identity as they go through adolescence, sometimes feeling pressured by society to fit into certain categories such as masculinity or femininity. Private communities allow them to express themselves freely without fear of being judged by others in real life or online forums that are open to the public.

Communities Create New Opportunities For Content Creation and Entrepreneurship

The internet has always been a place where teenagers can go to learn and connect with others who share their interests. But now, as teens increasingly spend their time online, they’re becoming more interested in finding like-minded people and supportive networks. The result? Private social communities are popping up all over the world, offering teens a way to create their own community spaces.

This means that there’s no better time than now for brands to start thinking about how they can tap into this trend and reach their target audience in an authentic way. The best way to do this is by creating your own private communities or partnering with existing ones that already have an established audience.

Private Communities create diverse opportunities for content creators and community builders to become entrepreneurs, create value and earn for genuine work, hence taking the Creator economy to the next level. High value content is created and consumed by a focused user group instead of addictive content typically found on social networks.

Cyberbullying is Less Likely in These Settings

Cyberbullying is a big problem for the modern teenager. Social media sites like Instagram, Twitter etc. are the prime locations for bullies to pick their victims. However, there are ways you can protect yourself from cyberbullies.

Cyberbullies are less likely to harass someone when they know that person will have friends who will back them up. This can be done through private communities or clubs that only accept members who apply and are accepted.

Private communities can also help increase self-confidence in teens. Teens who spend time online with their peers are less likely to feel alone with their problems because they know there are others who share the same experiences or feelings as them. This helps teens build a support system that encourages them to keep going even when times get tough

Privacy Concerns are Lower

The idea of private communities is not a new one. However, in the internet age, it has become more and more important to find private online communities to stay away from the social media noise.

The purpose of the private communities or Clubs on Uable is to create a safe space for people to share information, find friends, upskill & learn with each other without fear of being judged, criticised or ridiculed. 

Privacy of every community member is kept on high priority so you don’t have to worry about privacy concerns. Whether you’re looking for advice on college or just want someone to talk about your favourite music artist, you’ll find people who share your interests in these places.

There’s a lot of talk about how private communities can help teenagers. The truth is, there are many benefits to being in a private internet community. If you’re looking for a way to express freely while being safe, then private communities should be on your radar.

How To Be A Good Leader?

How a leader can lead a team to success!

It is very necessary to possess leadership qualities in today’s technology-driven world. What are the listed things that make a good leader? And what are the factors that influence the workspace? Let’s quickly understand and know some main ways to build leadership qualities.

1.) Don’t think about getting popular — Certain things will make you unpopular. You are the one who has to decide what will be good for your team and whatnot. Sometimes, you will be ended up making decisions that will make you unpopular. It is very momentous to manage things according to what best suit your team.

2.) Being passionate about your work is very important to love what you desire the most. Following your passion and getting into something you like the most is always beneficial and makes you a good leader. Try to develop your willingness for what you love the most.

3.) Communication plays a key role — Good communication becomes the prime reason for managing a group, especially in the workspace. Good leaders are known for their communication skills and for addressing challenges directly. It can be anything from writing an email to face-to-face conversation. Good leaders can make lasting impressions with their employees by creating a better communication scope.

4.) Working for employees — Good leaders ensure that their employees have all the major resources to pursue their tasks efficiently. Good leaders are approachable, and they welcome every kind of opinion that comes their way. They are adaptable and flexible to what their employees desire.

5.) Respect and relationships — Good leaders treat people as they’d want to be treated. Every good leader possesses the quality of creating productive associations. Good leaders value every employee’s perspective and build mutual trust and relationships. Strong managers always build bridges with others and value mutually beneficial relationships.

6.) Positivity and encouragement — Good leaders are always uplifting and reassuring. They praise their employees for every good act. They are receptive to new inventions and ideas. Instead of not accepting the change that comes along their way, they are adaptable and flexible.

7.) Consistency and Mindset — Good leaders possess the quality of never stopping learning things. They are continuous learners. They are always found to be a keen lover of knowing more things happening around them.

8.) Role models — Leadership comes from within. The best leaders know that the important part of what makes a good manager is putting the right example in front of others, from putting in extra hours to treating others with love, respect, and kindness.

Authored by: Atul Raghav, Power Teen at Uable

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