Uable, with 10X more Power!

Last few weeks, we have been deeply reflecting on our journey. We have looked at what we have created for hundreds of thousands of teenagers, and we are proud of all that we have done, together! 

But we want to do better for our talented teens who have come here for a stellar community experience.  There is one deep realisation that has been striking us over and over: free communities tend to become too large and noisy as there is no barrier of entry, offering less incremental value to the high intent users. Think of it as an amphitheater where there are free performances and a lot of our collective effort is going into crowd management, rather than bringing the very best performances on stage, truly experiencing them and building on those.

We are taking the Uable experience 10X from here, and launching something that will change the game for our Power Users!

Who is Uable’s Power User? You! Aspiring, ambitious teenager who wants to go beyond the traditional boundaries of education, to pursue passions seriously, by connecting with like-minded driven teens and collaborating with the best minds in  fields of interest, engage in exciting projects, play with ideas and build a portfolio of  dreams!

For you, Uable is launching the next big thing: “Power Club”! We are so excited about what we have in store for you. 

True to its name, Uable’s new premium app, Power Club will bring the most powerful, passionate, and ambitious teenagers from across the world and connect them not only with each other but with top young achievers of every field and create magical collaboration opportunities that have never existed. 

Power Club is for those crazy young minds who want to go deep in Entrepreneurship, Design, Creator Economy, Web 3.0, Climate Change, YouTubing, Activism and more. It is for those who want to go to  Ivy League and other best global campuses or for those who want to simply build an amazing network, work on extraordinary projects and problems and build a game-changing portfolio of work!

Power Club will be a members-only global community of teenagers where getting in will not be easy, but once you get in, life will never be the same again! It will be everything that you have loved Uable for, only 10X the experience, powered by global cross-pollination!

It has taken us 13 months of deep work with so many of you to understand the real needs of exceptional teens and what we should offer you. Now, it’s time for magic!

Applications open in the last week of July! Stay tuned….