How to make money on Instagram as a teenager

If you had to take a wild guess, how many hours do you think you spend on the social networking app, Instagram, every day? Maybe 2, maybe 10? What if we told you that all those hours you spend on the app can actually be profitable? 

Although it did start as a simple image-sharing platform, millions of users today use the platform to share their lives, products, art and content. Instagram monetization is easy once users know how to best optimize the algorithm & features offered by the platform: from simple images to reels to IGTV videos to guides. For teenagers wondering how to monetize Instagram, here are some starter ideas on how to earn money on Instagram page that might come of use. Take a look: 

How to monetize Instagram as a teenager 

1) Start an Insta Shop 

Instagram is a valuable platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to showcase their work. And even make some good money off of it. Whether you’re a baker, a knitter, a painter or a photographer — Instagram is the perfect platform to kickstart your business. It’s cost-effective, user-friendly and open to businesses of all kinds. 

As a young business owner, you should have a clear understanding of the audience you desire and then work towards building a loyal base. The crux is that no matter what you sell, there’s an audience for it on Instagram. You’ve just got to find them. 

2) Become an influencer or brand ambassador

You’ve probably seen people on the ‘gram posting funny, relevant & relatable content on their feed. By sticking to their niche, they build an audience and become influencers. To explain, influencers are those creators who’ve got a follower base in thousands or millions, all of whom are easily persuaded by what they say/do/wear. 

Influencers don’t need to fit into a certain genre either; you can be an influencer who creates fun content, someone who dances, or someone who games a lot too. Once you find that niche, brands will approach you to promote and talk about their products. But remember, that will only happen if these brands see a return on their investment. In the long run, the more brands that like your content, the more likely you are to be picked up as their brand ambassador! 

3) Turn your page into a (paid) blog

Instagram, as everyone knows, started as a platform to share images and connect with friends through visual experiences. Many young creators use the platform for what it is — to share their experiences, travels and life hacks. Today, Instagram is home to bloggers of all kinds, from lifestyle and travel to fashion and tech to name a few. 

The key is to keep creating content that people love. If you travel and document your travels on the platform, it’s likely that brands with a travel hook will approach you for promotions. Furthermore, if you have an external blog linked to your Instagram handle, you can even run ads on it to earn some extra bucks! 

Once you’ve got a good audience on the ‘gram and a blog as a bonus, brands will even reach out to you to post their products with an affiliate link. An affiliate sale means that you get a commission when you sell a product for the brand. You earn money as an affiliate by using a trackable connection or a coupon code, which allows you to see which promotions come straight from your content.

You can push these links on your Instagram captions, videos or Stories. You can find fun, new ways of persuading your audience to invest in the brand. If you have a presence on other social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook, you can double your reach for the brand for even better results! 

5) Sell via a dropshipping account 

Dropshipping, if you haven’t heard already, is a business model wherein you can operate your shop without having to physically keep any product. It’s a hands-off e-commerce platform that gives you the freedom to run a business in a unique way. The process includes purchasing products from a manufacturer, publicizing them to get sales, getting paid for the products and then letting the manufacturer take care of the shipping. In the end, you keep your own margins as profit and pay only the product cost to the manufacturer. 

For young entrepreneurs, dropshipping is a sustainable means to earn profits and Instagram is the perfect platform to help enable this for teens! 

Summing it up

Social media platforms like Instagram are making it more and more easy for young entrepreneurs like yourself to earn money easily through their Instagram handles. If you’ve got a business idea or a skill worthy of showcasing, there’s no “right” age to make it big. If you have an idea, take the plunge. Plus, an Instagram page doesn’t need too much of  an investment which makes it all the more easier to dream big! As a teenager looking to earn money the easy and fun way, Instagram monetization is the way to go. 

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