Starting a YouTube gaming channel: A guide for teens 

More and more teens are streaming gameplay on YouTube

Did you know? YouTube gaming had its biggest year ever in 2020 with 100 billion watch time hours and 40 million+ active gaming channels. What’s more, there are about 40 million active gaming channels and, globally, there were over 100 billion hours of gaming content watched on YouTube.*

Over the last few years, YouTube has become not just an extremely popular media medium but a very lucrative channel as well. Bloggers or Vloggers now “YouTube” as a full-time profession covering a wide range of genres from beauty and lifestyle to tech and gaming. More specifically, YouTube gamers have gained massive popularity as they appease a mixed age and gender group. 

But it’s not just the adults and big kids on the creator’s side. 10-year-old Ethan started his own kid-gaming channel called Ethan Gamer and is now a social media star too. At age 19, Techno Gamerz has become the youngest YT gamer to cross the 20M milestone! A gaming YouTube channel in this day and age is a great way to make your talent bigger than what it is. So without further ado, let’s get into the details.

How to start a YouTube channel on gaming

Step 1: Think about your niche & format

YouTube gaming channels are definitely not a new space in the video content industry. This means that every other gamer out there is attracting an audience similar to the one you’d want to have on your own page. The only way to stand out is to find your unique tone of voice and niche right at the onset. Think about what sets you apart as a person? What aspect of your personality will people relate to? What best utilizes your talents? You should also think about the format you want to capitalize on, be it live streams, walkthroughs, esports or reviews with a twist. 

Step 2: Get the essentials

Understanding your format will help you determine the equipment & tools you’ll need to create the video content you want. To make quality HD videos, you’ll want a good camera or high-quality phone lens, tripods, lighting and a microphone to start with. But the most important tool you’ll need is access to the latest games or ones that are in the news often. Eventually, you’ll reach a place where distributors and creators will reach out to you to review their games online. But until then, you’ll have to go in with the ability to self-fund new games. 

Step 3: Find the right post-production tools

How you stream or produce your videos depends greatly on the hardware and software you use. Playing games on a PC makes it easier to record or edit or do simultaneous voiceovers. You’ll also need screen capture software, a microphone, lighting, editing software to begin. Remember to do your research on all the equipment you need before you go in with the investment. 

Step 4: Make a posting strategy 

Okay, making great videos is one thing. But posting it, optimizing it to reach the audience you want is a whole other task. Put in the time to do the research, use SEO and the right keywords, capture good thumbnail images, get all the music/audio rights you need (if any) and keep your content authentic and real.

Step 5: Keep it consistent

Now, this is an important step: you’ve got to plan your content & calendars waaaay ahead. We mean, waaaay. How? There are websites and brands that pre-announce when their most anticipated games are released. Make a monthly (or quarterly) calendar with all these important release dates, work backward by accounting time to play/record/edit and only then you decide the final publishing dates. 

Step 6: Pat yourself on the back because you did it!

Congratulations! You’re now got yourself a YouTube gaming channel! Don’t stress about the numbers, you’ll get there eventually by being consistent and making quality content.  

Best games for YouTube videos

To give you a racing start, here are some of the best games for your YouTube gaming channel right now:

  • Minecraft
  • Roblox
  • Garena Free Fire
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty

Which one do you think you’ll start with? Tell us in the comments!

*Source: YouTube official blog

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