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Welcome to the Uable Clubs Experience

When we began building Uable, we got the chance to interact with thousands of teenagers. The more we talked to them, the more we realized how much they wanted to find their tribe, build their tribe and thrive in micro-communities. We observed how important it is for teens today to find friends who share the same interests as them — more so than finding those that share the same geography, school, etc. Uable was already building communities and helping teens find their interests; Clubs was a way to bring these two together seamlessly. 

Why Clubs?

With Clubs we wanted to create a curated space where teens could come, meet friends, ask questions about their interests, and build skills by solving fun, interesting challenges. So, each Club in the app brings together the dialogues and challenges most relevant to an area of interest (say, Entrepreneurship) for teens who want to spend time exploring it together. The first few clubs we chose were all sourced from what our teen users wanted. Design and Entrepreneurship have always been big career interest areas for teens, but we also brought in Gaming, Motivation, Love & Relationships, and even a Hangouts Club just because each of these is such an integral part of teen life! With Uable being a lifestyle app for teens, of course we wanted to bring in everything that mattered most to teens here. That will continue to guide us as we bring more Clubs into the arena.

So, what can you do with Clubs? 

Clubs are, first and foremost, a communal space. By definition, that makes it a versatile place that can be moulded by the members. Teens can use a Club to: 

  1. Focus on a particular area of interest, such as Music, and find other teens who are enthusiastic about music, as well as musicians, music directors, and other music professionals to get advice from. This is where you find friends for life
  2. Build skills in specific areas, such as programming, by attempting some really cool challenges set by real-life programmers — helping you not just learn the skills, but also get a peek into what a day in the life of a programmer really looks like
  3. Ask about and discuss your most pressing questions around things really important to you, like love and relationships, anime and manga, movies and web series, with teens who are also in the same boat and who are just as crazy about the same fandoms you are

Clubs will become the ultimate space for teens — by teens — in areas they’re interested in and want to talk about and learn about. Once you’re part of a Club, you’re connected to thousands of other teens and lots of mentors, and you can begin your journey of connecting, building friendships, honing skills, and opening up your world. Look forward to lots of exciting stuff like search, Club notice boards, Club-relevant offers on U-Store, teen-led contests, and much more. 

What do teens think about Clubs?

Feedback from users hasn’t just been great in words, but also in action! We have seen Club memberships skyrocket for brand new Clubs, we have seen teens take complete ownership of launching new dialogues, asking questions, guiding other teens, making friends, having fun and just making each Club their own space, their own community. Of course, we want to keep improving and are incorporating user feedback constantly — including bringing in search features — to make Uable a delightful place for all teens to make friends, build skills, and claim cool rewards.

Only today, a teen user told us he’s here ‘because not a lot of people build for teens’, and at Uable, we do. We launched challenges because we knew teens were looking for a space to build skills, we launched dialogues because they told us they’re looking for a place to voice their opinions, ask questions, and be heard. Clubs are here because all of our users have told us that, at Uable, they value their community most. 

That’s why we think Clubs are a game changer — because they came from our teen community. What becomes a part of each Club, which Clubs come out first, who manages these Clubs (our teens do) — everything is decided based on user feedback. By teens, for teens. And we will continue to follow that mantra. 

Start connecting with teens on the Uable app today!

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