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Uable Rebranding Journey: From Playful to Bold

Uable rebranding

When Uable’s creative team got the brief that the company was going to be rebranded from being a playful brand to a bold one, we got excited and said

“Challenge accepted!”

The Challenge

The most important part of Uable’s old brand identity was its logo. It had 8 colours in it and the alphabets were shaped like blocks.

This represented 6-12-year-olds perfectly – the primary consumer of our product.

Until things changed. 

Uable had started with a mission to bring real-world learning to young children through role play and creativity. But along the way, while working with 13+ year-olds who are about to make critical career choices in their life, we realised that they needed more focus from our side.

So we pivoted. And with that, we decided to drop the playful identity and adopt a bold, new look that would cater to our new audience: teenagers.

The Process

There were a lot of trials in the Uable rebranding journey.

Eventually, we nailed down a concept that defined our mission.


We enable & empower every young learner to discover and live their Ikigai, a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being”.

At Uable, teenagers can immerse themselves in real-world experiences to explore their interests and passions and discover what they truly want to do.

So we brought Ikigai in our logo.

After a lot of iterations and debates,

Our final logo took shape.

Just like Ikigai is a path to constant self-discovery, this symbol too represents a lot of things. 

Colours and Typeface

While the logo shape is crude, energetic, and filled with a sense of motion and roughness, to balance it off, we chose a calming colour like Teal.

Our primary colour palette

Accent colour palette

Secondary colour palette

For the typeface, we decided on Quicksand – a friendly-looking font to compliment the logo. 


A good logo should work well for all platforms – from website to social media, letterheads, to T-shirts and merchandise.

We also devised some golden rules, and some do’s and don’ts of our logo usage.



Finally, here is the teaser video of our logo unveil with the

new tagline: Made for More!

And the team that made it happen.

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