Why is it important for children to develop an entrepreneurial mindset?

The world always needs more doers and dreamers, tinkerers, and experimenters, who ideate and create new innovations that move humanity forward. One common trait among creators, makers, and innovators is their entrepreneurial mindset. As the old saying goes,

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime.”

Having an entrepreneurial mindset helps people be better at whatever they choose to do. At Uable, we encourage learners to build an entrepreneurial mindset using role-play.

While not all children will go on to start their own business, learning to think like an entrepreneur has a really positive impact on the way they view the world around them. Entrepreneurial values such as imagination, leadership, creativity, and innovative thinking prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of the future.

According to Forbes, employers highly value future-ready skills in new graduates such as problem-solving, decision making, collaboration, and risk assessment, along with an ability to communicate effectively.

So, how do we go about building such skills in children? By giving them an opportunity to role-play and to use their imagination to ideate a solution to a problem at hand. When children learn by doing something, instead of reading about it, they take agency for their learning and build lasting behaviors that help them build future-ready skills. Role-play activities also help break down their learning barriers.

In our Entrepreneur program, we often see children who were once shy and unwilling to communicate their ideas, presenting their ideas confidently. And a few who found it difficult to express themselves in writing at the beginning of the program, writing down business proposals with conviction.

It is through play-based learning and keen observation, that young minds explore the world around them, learn to test their ideas, and build their intellect. Role-playing as an entrepreneur gives children room to imagine and innovate through creative play; to learn independence and self-reliance. It allows their minds to soar with innovative ideas and persevere to see their ideas come to fruition.

Children also experience a deep sense of camaraderie and connection with their peers who are a part of the same program. Our young Uable entrepreneurs connect with their peers across the country and together they solve challenges, learn new skills, and help each other achieve their goals. They not only engage with activities and discussions to produce original and valuable ideas for the program but also undertake projects that go beyond our sessions.

Our young Uablers definitely prove that it is never too early to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Let children experience the magic of play, peer and project-based learning at Uable.

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