A new playground for children’s imagination

Imagine a world without children, without their loud, excited voices, the sound of a precious vase breaking, the music of their off-kilter singing, and the pure joy of a child’s uninhibited laughter. Imagine a world without mistakes, without dirt on the elbows and clothes without ink-stains, without children loitering in aimless happiness, driving their adults to distraction.

Now look around, and you’ll see a world that isn’t very different, a world run by adults who take themselves (and their kids) too seriously…where a child’s future is determined by everybody except the child herself, where every day is an exam to be passed, and every activity, a competition to be won…a world where the classroom has spilled over into the home, into the maidans, and into the streets, filling every moment with a pre-determined purpose and focus…a world filled with ‘Young Adults’, and absolutely no children.

And that is why we are here. To bring back a lost generation, and to give back to our children the most precious gift and building block for their future: their Childhood!

Uable was born for children… to nurture them, serve them, and be the wind under their wings. It is a result of months of dreams, discussions, and debate between us, and a bunch of excited and unruly kids and parents. It has been co-created with them, to be the world’s most inspiring playground for human imagination; their ‘happy place’ where Creativity and Critical Thinking walk arm-in-arm, and conspire to build Character through Communication and Collaboration.

It is a place that gives children the freedom to choose what and who- they want to be, and the license to meander off the asphalted highway that society has laid out for them. It is a world where the lines between logic and magic are deliberately blurred, where the imagination is allowed to lead, and form the intellect.

It is an alternate reality that a child can slip into, and out of, with cheerful impunity, so she can deal with the ‘ordered universe’ with a range of physical, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual skills that she can’t learn or hone anywhere else. It is her personal world, populated by liberated, free-thinking children from everywhere, one where adults are only allowed under a child’s benevolent supervision. It is a world that is both wonderland and laboratory, where she can find friends to toss and kick concepts around, mentors whose edge she can use to sharpen her own, and tribes that she can find, or even form herself.

Even as we grow with your child, we desperately want to keep Uable like your child: innocent and full of childlike curiosity, unhindered by the weight of expectation and filled with the joy of flying. We want it to be a place that encourages young minds to experiment, to fail, to pick themselves up with a laugh, and find their own way.

We are Uable.

We are the Guardians of the Wander Years.

And we are here to help your children play with their future.

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